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New MacBook? It's just amazing! The design and style it has, is so unique and timeless. It's also very light and thinner then notebook! I think every fashionista will be impressed and it's not all! The battery's enough for all day long! Everything in small the notebook, which can do all the staff what full sized computer. So, if you already have new season bag and shoes similar to the ones that celebrities wear, then you should think about this one!

Unfortunately, I couldn't afford this one but instead I bought newest MacBook Air 11, which is also great! I found good offer in Apple store. There is special student discount so I managed to save so money.
Usual price for MacBook Air is £750 while I got it for £650 + FREE BEAT SOLO 2, which are worth around £100! I also upgraded my warranty for 3 years instead of 2 years for less. It costed me only £48 to do it, which usually is much more expensive but I don't remember standard pice so I'm not guessing ;)

So at the end I spent £692 for newest MacBook Air with 3 years warranty and Beats Solo 2 (I've chosen RED). What do you think of this deal?

As I didn't want to damage my new investment I decided to buy some case. I've chosen pink but it's not expensive so I think I'm gonna buy some more colours, anyway that's how It looks now. Stylish?

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