Black Friday shopping 2015


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Okay, so Black Friday weekend officially ended. How was it? According to the empty shops I guess not many of you even came for it? Or most of us were too lazy to go for a battles and chose to stay in your cozy bed with laptop to buy online? I know how lovely shopping online can be but I still prefer the standard way. It gives me much more happiness and I always try things before I buy it, it's actually one of my main rules.

Alright, I wasn't updated about the emptiness in Bullring till I had some kind of vox pop in college where my question was 'What do you think about black Friday deals this year?' And I heard some answer like it's cancelled this year... I was like What the heck?! No... He's probably kidding. Then, on my way home from college I've seen the article in Birmingham Mail, which I can't say it didn't surprised me... 
While last year everyone were fighting like in Hunger Games for every single little thing, this year, no one even come.
And what was even more ironic? The biggest queue was to Apple, where wasn't even any Black Friday deal!
I understood when I went for shopping. It was in the evening as I didn't have much time before. The super cool deals? Where the hell they were?
Firstly, My mum went for new fridge at Curry's. She had already seen online which one does she like a couple days before and they said, if it's gonna be cheaper in Black Friday, they gonna give back the difference. Unfortunately, she couldn't do it earlier and she just went there on Friday. To her surprise, there was a difference in price but not in the way she expected. The price from last couple days were £999 and on Black Friday it was just £1299 + she would have to wait a month because it wasn't there at the moment.
After that, we went to bullring. Most of the shops had Black Friday Deals only written on the shops' windows but I get a chance to buy some nice staff in a good price even if I didn't have much time.
My little shopping started in Victoria's Secret. I came through couple different shops but there wasn't anything worth to write about.

The deals in there were a 'buy 1 bra and get 2nd half price' + Tote bag if you spend over £75 + Reward card worth from £10 to even £500

I found myself this beautiful set with bra and pants in a dark teal colour that is so trendy in this season. I've never actually had any lingerie in this colour and I think it's such a nice colour. I just fell in love with one. The crystals on the top of the bra cups look fantastic too. The sophisticated and very well done elements of the set make it look very high quality and expensive. The cost of pants is £24, I didn't get any discount on this one but I just wanted to match it with the top. The bra however I bought the same with my mum, so we get the discount on second one. The first price was £72 but the second one was only £36. Maybe it's not so cheap but still better then before and it's not like you buy that nice underwear every day, that's why I believe it was good occasion to buy it. It's also very high quality underwear in VS, so I never regret any pound spent in there, even if it's gonna broke, which doesn't happen often, I can always go back and they will exchange it for me, while you can have problem with it in less quality shops.
 As I spent much over £75 I get this cute tote bag:

It's so nice! As I still live between my own house and my boyfriend's I need big bags to take everything I need with me and this one I found really useful. And to my surprise, when I unpacked it I found another gift inside it that I didn't even have a clue I'm going to get.

The body coconut milk. I think there is body scrub, lotion and... okay, I don't know, I didn't have a time to unpacked it or even more to try it, but let me know it you want to get some info about beauty care from VS and I will write a short review for you.

As I said at the beginning there was also a reward card worth at least £10, so I will get at least £10 back too.

Yeah, so in VS I bought a 2 bras and one pants and then I get reward card, some mysterious body care and tote bag, I think is not to bad isn't it?

Another shop that I bought something in is River Island. My overall opinion about RI is that they have a really nice collections but the prices are usually too big for high street brand. On black Friday there was a 50% off on selected items, so I decided is't good idea to check it out. 

I finally found a black dress to work (as I have to wear only black), now I need only some comfy heels. The dress costed me only £17 while normally it costed £38. The dress is very comfy and looks so classy. I couldn't wear bra under it because the straps didn't look nice and I usually feel terrible without but in this dress i felt alright as it's tight. It also fits very good as well as corrects figure. And that's how I look in it:

I also bought this but I already retuned it because me and my mum decided that it's not worth it's price, which is £30 and it wasn't on any discount.

That's all I bought and I will be so glad to hear how was your Black Friday shopping this year.


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