I'm going to rob a bank.


Yes. That's right. I'm going to rob a bank. I have no choice. The most amazing dress I've ever seen told me to buy it but I'll never afford it 😥. I'm really desperate guys. Are gonna help me this?

So, that's the one who forced mi to do it:

If you find her, bring it to me ASAP!
Warning: Extremely dangerous criminal capable to blow your mind!

And now, for serious, I fell in love from the first sight. I know it's not the newest Moschino product and I've seen it a couple months ago but it's still somewhere in my head. This design... Very minimalistic and that classy. I've seen there is a big sale at Moschino but unfortunately this one isn't discounted, the price in the store is £1592 😱. So, I can only wish about it.

Lucky Miley... Looks amazing in this outfit 😍

I'm a big fan of Moschino. I love the way they design they clothes. I can see they play with fashion. You know... Doing something with love and fun and the effects of their work are just stunning. That's something I really appreciate. Fashion should be fun. It also express yourself and have so many qualities but at first it should be fun. It actually is for me... The way you match the newest trends with your own style, the colours you match and the final effect of your own imagination when your outfit is ready and you know you've done a pice of something very yours and you like it.

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