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I mentioned that my next post's going to about fashion journalism. I love magazines and I'd love to be a part of it. Imagine to get paid for finding the newest trends, going to fashion shows, getting the newest information first, interviewing celebrities and many other interesting people... Let's get to know some more about this job.

Salary: £20,000 - 35,000

Magazine journalist is a kind of writer, who's researching and write news articles and features for a wide variety publications. There are also other kinds of writers like specific editors. Writers are also called contributors, columnists and contributing editors. Magazine writers often do not work at the magazine's office, working on freelance basis from whatever city they based in. Magazines may have also copy editors air copy chiefs, who closely edit all copy for errors before publication.

My dream is to work for an American Vogue to at least be a editor/journalist at British Glamour but I obviously know it's kind of impossible.Well, it actually is possible but really difficult especially for my with my English. I know I have such a high aspirations and I'm aware of the possibility that I'd never do this and I alright because if I fulfil my plans in even half successful as I wished I'd still reach more then so many people. So, guys, don't be afraid to dream big! It's important! That's what gives you power in your everyday's routine life!

Why do I think it's the right job for me? I'm interested in people, fashion and also having an enquiring mind. I feel good at writing and it makes me happy.

Of course, it's not like I finish Uni and go to work for Glamour or even some lower popular fashion magazine. At first I've chosen Creative Media Production Course and then I'm still debating about the University. I rally need someone to help me with this. I mean I don't know if I should do Fashion Journalism and just Journalism profile. Anyway after uni I'll try to get some unpaid work experiences, contact editors with ideas for articles revenant to their magazine, volunteering to work on news letters run by not-for-profit organisations and of course still writing my blog. That's one of the reasons why I  created this blog and it was amazing decision coz it makes my really happy. I can practise my writing and express myself.
When I gain some experience I'll try to find a work in some specialist, trade or even business publication. It'll help me build up a network of contacts, which I'll need to get job in some better-known magazine. That's really important because  most of the journalist jobs aren't advertised. 
If you've got similar ideas for your future I'd love to hear about it! That's my e-mail: GLAMOURISTALIA@GMAIL.COM
And again, don't be afraid of dreaming to big! 
With Love to all my readers,
Glamouristalia xoxo

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