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I recently heard people with life don't do blogging. That probably offences a lot of people who read this blog. But at least a small part of you has to agree. If my life is more fullfilled, my blog shines of emptiness cuz I simply don't have enough time and blog comes to less important responsibilities. As I just started (again) my weight loss journey with diet and (in next week) gym and I also became a part of my college newspaper(which I'm more then happy about) I couldn't focus on writing something with sense. Finally, I manage to do so! (Well, at least I hope so)

Bra £50
Leggings £55
After sale both for £55
Body Lotion £14 after £3.50
iPhone Case £18 after £2.50

I needed a leggings with a really good material, you know, a quality comfy leggings, not the ones that after an hour stretch out and looks as bad as it feels to wear them. To my luck VS had this special offer "Game on:Free Sport Pant with any regular priced sport bra purchase". I couldn't miss it. I spent £55 for a sport bra worth £50 and leggings worth £55. It sounds so good, isn't it? I'm aware the prices get a little bit higher for the time of the offer but I'm still sure as hell I saved a lot because, tbh leggings at VS usually cost around £50 anyway. The quality is great and I'm 100% satisfied. I got everything I wanted from it + the lines on the legs make my legs looking slimmer and longer and the waistband smooths my hips and has this hidden pocket perfect for iPod,

The bra is fantastic too. The front-close is easier then wearing it through head, which you have in most of sport's bras and it really has maximum support. I mean every girl with big boobs would have agree that many of the sports bras are just a big, fat joke. They support worse then normal bra! Unless you wear normal bra under it. This one is much better!

While I've been shopping, I haven't forgotten about my mum. She loves this shop as much as me and there was a huge sale, so I decided it will be sin not to buy anything for her. Firstly I found the body lotion for just £3.50. It doesn't hydrate as much as it says it supposed to, I had better ones but it makes the skin a little bit smoother. The gentle formula has very nice smell. It's verbena. Difficult to describe as it's kind of very unique smell. Although, it smells very freshly, which I love about it.

I also found this cute case for my mum for just £3.50! It's from rubber, which I think is the best material to secure your rare phone.

And that's how my shopping ended. I still need some cool trainer for the gym. If you've got some on mind, please share with me in comments or e-mail cuz I haven't bought trainers for a really long time and it makes it even more complicated now.

- Glamouristalia xoxo

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