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Hi guys, My name is Natalia. I was thinking about starting my blog for a really long time but never knew how to start. I recently made a little research and I decided to finally do it. Ok, let’s start!

I don’t really want to talk about myself cuz I think it’s boring but I heard It’s going to help my readers to connect with me (if anybody’s going to read it) and it actually makes sense. My name is Natalia, which I’ve already said and I’m 19 years old. I live in Birmingham, UK but I’m originally from Poland and what’s where I’ve been living for most of my live. Well, actually my mum is Polish and my dad’s Mexican but I don’t even know him so I feel fully Polish anyway.  I live in Birmingham for 2,5 years. I study Media course at South & City College Birmingham and I’m going to start fashion course with it this year. My future plan is to get to University and study fashion journalism, I’ve been always dreaming to write for some famous magazine like Vogue. I think i’s really important to work in a sector you really like and get the satisfaction of what you doing, in the other way… How can we be happy?

Why fashion blog?
I’ve been always in love with a fashion, probably because of my mum, she’s got a really good sense of style. Since I was a little girl she’s been teaching me all the fashion brands and staff like that. I think it’s something I would really love to share with others.

What am I going to write about?
Well, I hope it will be something a little bit more… kind of unique because most of the blogs I know are like bloggers who has a lot of money and buy staff like Dior , Chanel etc. with no financial problem or the blogger who buys the chinesse-shoddy clothes that everyone wears and they look just like a clones… So I want to make it like in the middle. Buying good quality brand things for less like finding good offers and discounts, secondhand hauls etc. I will also share my outfits and opinions about recent trends from my point of view.

Talk to me!
Please guys, let me see that you’ve been there! I really want to know if you like what I’m doing or if I’m crap! Leave your comment, write whatever you think! I can really appreciate if you tell me what would you like to see in hire, or not.. I can handle critics if they’re constrictive, not just rude!
If you’d like some more private ways, that’s my email: GLAMOURISTALIA@GMAIL.COM
So, That’s all for today, if you’d like to know some more info about myself, then I’ve already told you what to do: COMMENT or EMAIL me whenever you want!


My English isn’t perfect and sometimes you’re gonna find some mistakes, of course you’re welcome to correct me if you feel like you should!

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