Just Say MoschiNo


Dress       Moschino
Coat       Mango
   Bag        Louis Vuitton
Boots       Aldo
Belt       River Island
Necklace       Swarovski 

Happy International Women’s Day to every single one of you as we all deserve it! 

I haven't planed this, but my inspiration for this outfit is actually related to today's celebration. It is a celebration of women' rights and my inspiration came from Dior's collection that used feministic content:

… and then, there is also the fact that we’re getting closer to spring, the temperature enabled me to remove some layers. 

I wear the oversized T-shirt with caption ’SAY MOSCHI NO’, which are the two things the fashion world recently fell in love with : big T-shirt-dresses and the casual T-shirts (and not only T-shirts) with captions. Because the T-shirt that I wore was double oversized (it has an oversized style but I also wear size L, which is two sizes bigger than should be wearing) I matched it with this amazing RI corset belt. It made the dress a bit shorter and also defined my waist. To that, I put on the leather boots, which I believe was the perfect match… and my legs didn’t froze, the khaki coat also helped.

As of the accessories, I wore my LV favourite that completed the outfit, it’s also my recent staple bag that I match with almost everything but I also promised my next outfit is going to contain it so… there you go. For spring the number one jewellery is the very delicate and feminine necklaces, so good my boyfriend got me this one for Valentine’s day.

Get The Look!

Givenchy T-shirt Dress (click here to buy)   £350.00
PETITE Borg Linned Coat (click here to buy)   £59.00
Calvin Klein Platform Over the Knee Boots (click here to buy)   £170.00
Kendall + Kylie Crossbody Bag (click here to buy)   £213.00
Lionettes by Noa Sade Necklace (click here to buy)   £67.00
DKNY Watch (click here to buy)   £125.00

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