On the way to Cinema


Coat- GAP
Sweater- Pink Rose
Leggings- Adidas
Shoes- Pollini
Bag- See By Chloe
Sunglasses- Pucci
Headphones- Beats Solo 2 RED
Necklace- Vivienne Westwood
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelet- Tiffany

That's my outfit, which I wore last Friday when I went to Cinema with my boyfriend. We went to ODEON in Brodway Plaza in Birmingham coz it was my favourite one but after what I've seen in there I'm not sure anymore. 
We watched Hitman 47, which was really good in my opinion. I mean I liked this game and it was nice to see the bigger story of it. After that we wanted to jump in to next movie as we usually do.
Unfortunately, when we went out of the screen there was a BIG fight. I didn't catch much because everything happened so quickly but at the end I've seen w guy lying on the floor with his legs with so many wounds. Everywhere was total mess. Everyone had to live cinema so I don't know what happened next but on our way to the cab we saw plenty of armed police officers and some of them had even a dogs, that's why I think it was something bigger. I checked the news next day but couldn't really find anything about that.
It was really surprised. I mean I live in Handsworth, which is one of the most dangerous part of Birmingham, so I'm not surprised if there is any crime but in the cinema?!

Let's skip to the outfit. I wore Casual black and white striped sweater, which is white and translucent a'la lace on the back and black leeginhs. I love leggings! They are ultra comfy and match with almost everything for every occasion. I match it with oversized, grey coat. I think It makes this outfit much more fashionable. I add red bag and headphones, so it doesn't look boring but there isn't happening to much. Also wore round, white sunnies from Pucci. Under the headphones you can see gold shinny necklace and on my wrist are Michael Kors rose gold watch and Tiffany bracelet, which I wear almost everyday. And the shoes! I've almost forgotten about one of the most important part! Shame on me! Anyway I matched black, latex ankle shoes with a heel but they really comfy. I bought them last year around November at TK Maxx for about £60/£70, so much cheaper then Pollini's shoes usually costs. I've seen in the newest Glamour very similar model and latex things are like a ''must-have'' this season!

PS. Sorry for the quality of photos. It was done by an iPhone 5s and it was looking much better on iPhone's small screen.😥    Right now I don't have any better equipment but I'll try to change it. 😘😘

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