What's inside my new Victoria's Secret Shopping Bag?


What's inside my Victoria's Secret Shopping Bag? That's simpler then you think.
Every single one of us - women deserve some Christmas gift, whenever we were good this year or... less good. So, why not buy one yourself? 
And what suppose to make woman in a good mood if not a sexy new lingerie hah?
I mean I'm writing this post with my baby sister on my hands (that's also excuse of any mistakes that may happen to appear). I've got so much on my head and I'm aware that it's nothing comparing to other women. Anyway, my point is that in our daily routine we still need to think about others, so once in a year we deserve to do something for ourselves. 
This year I treated myself with a beautiful Victoria's Secret Set.

Bra £50
Pants £24

I've always wanted to have a red set but I couldn't find the right one as it often were looking ... sl**ty.
When I've seen this pants I really wanted to see how will I look with this and I have to say that I was impressed as it makes my figure nice and curvy. I thought my flat bum's going to look like disaster as it's not a strings but because of the right cut it's so nice, so I can definitely recommend it to every women that nature wasn't so generous to give her a nice bum like it happened to me (yes, I know it's also about exercises and hard work but let's skip this part for now).
The bra is even better! Breasts looks very full and round (not sure if that's the right work, don't laugh). From my own experience I can only find effect like this with push-ups but I already have big bust and with push-ups I just feel like I carry two huge watermelons. Here isn't push-up, well maybe a little one that just make it more comfy. Anyway this bra is definitely worth every single penny that I spent for it.

You see how nice it can be to buy a gift for yourself? It obviously is very well guessed and definitely meets your expectations;) 


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