Walk with the dog on heels


Blouse- DKNY Jeans
Top- Victoria's Secret
Jeans- Primark
Backpack- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch- ROXY
Ring- Swarovsky
Sunglasses- Giorgio Armani

No, I don't go for a walk with my dog in heels. I'm not that insane. Well, no usually coz as you can see it happened once. ;) but in most of the time I wear tracksuit and trainers.
Firstable I wore this outfit coz I had a plans with my boyfriend to go somewhere out, (probably restaurant or cinema) but unfortunately my dog, which you can see on the photos made me stay at home 😒.
She made a biiiiiiggg mess in my room, you can't even imagine. I understand it's just a puppy but sometimes she's an evil! She threw down everything from the table, chewed my Victoria's Secret bra, my sister's toy etc. After I cleaned all of it It was late and I didn't even wanted to go anywhere, so at least we went out for a walk with my dog.  

As yesterday was really nice weather, which doesn't happen very often in the UK, I decided to wear this jeans coz I know in a month or two it's gonna be too cold for it and I really like them. You need to know I'm so not a fan of Primark but I'll do another post about it. I had this jeans for about 2 years and wore it maybe twice. It was the usual trousers for about £10. A couple weeks ago I was cleaning my wardrobe and I was about to thew them away but finally decided to do something with it. I cut some holes and now it looks like that. And I think it presents really good this way, so I actually like the final results of my work. It took me just like 5/10 minutes and I used only scissors. So guys, If you have some jeans you don't really wear that's good idea to make it useful again.
At first, I wanted to wear with white ZARA heels but my dog destroyed it a couple days ago 😒. They  looked like that:
(I downloaded this picture from internet coz I haven't got my own photo)
So, I matched it with the heels you can see. I don't wear them often coz they're very uncomfortable. I bought them long time ago in some secondhand shop. Then I've chosen a white top from Victoria's Secret and I wore it without bra... First time in my life. But I think I look slimmer with this way, anyway I feel weird with no bra outside. The rest of it were just random accessories, some grey blouse, my mum's ring, my mum's sunnies, my mum's bag... I told you my mum have really good sense of style so I often borrow her staff... Well, actually it's already our staff but she paid for that 😅

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