"I Don't Spend Millions Of Dollars To Look Like An Idiot" Kanye West at New York Fashion Week


Hi, guys! It's gonna be a very quick post coz I'm really busy this week but at the end of this week I'm gonna show ya my "first week at college outfits", so it'll probably be a bit longer.
Have you watched yesterday's NYFW? I heard it was live-streamed in cinemas around the world including Melbourne and Sydney! That's unbelievable! And that fact that I haven't watch it yet too.
Unfortuanately, I couldn't find this online :( That's the reason why I can't say much about it. I've just seen some photos and read a bit of news, which I want to Share with you.
At first I want to say that I' not a fan of Kanye West, his music is fine but he seems to me like in his head is exactly what's on this T-Shirt:
So, Kanye wearing t-shirt featuring a picture of Kanye wearing a t-shirt featuring a picture of Kanye wearing a t-shirt t-shirt featuring a picture of Kanye... So deep.
Well, I can be wrong as I obviously don't know him personally. 

Anyway, let's come back to the show. West's collaboration with Adidas launched last night and finished with a big applause of the audience including even Anna Wintour. 
Well, I his collection definitely says he likes beige ;).You could see slew of leggy models wearing parka jackets, long coats, oversize knits, hoodies and tailored canvas pants. There are so many elements I would wear, especially shoes and parkas but the whole collection looked like some kind of weirdo homeless clones or... Zombies? And this made me laugh like child:

Would you wear any of this ?

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