First week of college


That's four of my outfit I wore on my first week of college. And by the way, how was your first week? In mine I was a little bit nervous, and by little bit I mean freaking nervous. I wanna be a fashion journalist, which isn't easy to become but this in other post. Anyway all of the teachers told me how difficult it is. Even one of my teacher said that she wanted to become journalist but when she went for work experience in Birmingham Mail it was too much for her. She had deadlines almost every day and she was going out from there with terrible headache everyday. That's why she decided to become a teacher. I'm so afraid of my future... like probably most of people in my age. It's horrible that everyone should've already know what to do in the future, I mean I still feel like child, so how can I decide what I'm going to do for the rest of my life?


Jacket: Ben Sherman
Trousers- MEXX
Bag- Chloe
Shoes- Pollini
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelet- Tiffany

There isn't much to say about this outfit. I wore some strips and red odds, which is trendy this season + Beige and my usual gold jewellery. Just... Usual Natalia. ;)


Jacket- Zara
Top- New Look
Trousers- H&M
Backpack- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Lather Boots- None
Necklace- None 
Watch- Michael Kors

On Wednesday I wore something more boohoo. It's the main thing this fall/winter as Vogue says. Boots  and necklace were bought in charity shop so there isn't really any brand. Anyway I think this outfit is really nice and the jacket odds some more elegancy to it.


Loose Sweater- New Look
Top- New Look
Leggings- Fenchurch
Trainers- Converse
Bag- Ted Baker
Watch- Juicy Couture

Ok. Honestly, I woke up too late and wore as quickly as possible. Anyway, the photo doesn't really show how it was looking in real because of quality. I love this sequin converse it gives colourful reflections, which looks nice with pink. And the leggings looks are like that:


Coat- GAP
Sweater- MOSHINO
Leggings- None
Bag- Roccobarocco
Trainers- Vans
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelet- None
Earrings- Agent Provocateur 

That's my outfit of the week. Really like that. The coat is just amazing, no matter what I wear to it, it's looking fashionable! That's the magic of coats.  That's why I just wore creamy sweater and casual leggings to  it. Mint trainers and turquoise bag made it less boring but still there isn't happening to much. I've also got there very minimalist long gold earnings (not sure you can see it).

PS. Sorry for horrible quality selfie photos but you know, there isn't much time in the morning when you running late to college!

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