My Christmas Outfits: Rethink Pink & Christmasy Red


Pastel Pink Oversized Jumper - Dolce & Gabbana
White Mini Dress - Forever 21 
Navy Blue Cross Body Bag - Versace Jeans
Red Court Shoes - Carvela
Bracelet - Tiffany & CO

Hi, sweeties! I hope your Christmas went nice, cozy and familial! If not, there is still hope in the next year Christmas. I probably supposed to write this post about how mine went but I obviously found fashion part much better to talk about. 
For my family dinner I wore the outfit above. Primarily I styled it for my work Christmas party but I didn't appear there cuz my Boyfriend wasn't feeling well and obviously I stayed with him. I actually really liked this outfit, so I decided not to waste it and use it for the special day.
When I started thinking what to wear (for the work Christmas party) I had no idea what part should I start from. Then my mum came home with this amazing jumper!

She bought it from TK MAXX for just £49.99. Obviously, I didn't think long and just took it ;)
Well, borrow it. The colour is so nice and cute. I also heard it's time to Rethink Pink recently, so my mum just saved me again. But what to wear it with? It's still a party so... leggings? No. Too casual. Skirt? Nothing Matches. Hmm... What to do... 
Yes! I found a white mini dress! 

I've got it on last New Year at work in Bambu Bar when I was working as a bar staff. It costed only £12 but I had it for free anyway. After that it was easy. Red Carvela's again ;) I'm so in love with them, you know. 
Navy blue bag is one of the newest of mine and I think I didn't get a chance to show it to you properly, so there you go!

I bought it at TK Maxx for £59.99. It's really nice one but I love bigger bags, you know, I barely fit my wallet in there! But For party it's alright, especially that it's cross body bag, so I can keep it with my and have both hands free, which it very useful.

At the end I put on DKNY jacket in similar shade to bag, just a little bit darker (the photo doesn't really reflects it). 

At the end it was just like that. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to have a photo of me with this outfit as  it was looking better on me then just like that on the picture. 


There is one more Outfit!

This one is actually more Christmasy! I wore after next day. 
Guess where did I get this dress from!

Yes, you right! TK Maxx! For just £7! I found it a year ago around same time. It's a little too big but it actually make it more comfortable. The back looks so nice though but on the arms are a little pillows, which I hate. It makes me looking so heavy! LOL!
I matched it with black tights with zircons from H&M for around £7 a couple months ago.

And my casual watch and bracelet

Thanks for visiting! I hope you liked it!
If yes, let me know, of not, you can still tell me in comment what would you change!

- Glamouristalia xoxo

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