Kenzo x H&M Review - high-end brand quality for high street price?


Many people are not sure what to expect when it comes to big labels collaborating with high street brands, are you getting high-end brand quality for high street price? Or simply overpaying for high street quality? 

For less informed, H&M collaborate with big labels every year, including Versace, Alexander Wang and Balmain last year. Those are always limited editions, which are very hard to get. People wait in the queue outside the chosen stores since very early morning and the online H&M traffic makes the website crash each time you try to enter. That’s not all… if you finally get to the store, you have only 10 minutes to choose what you want, which is only one thing each. If you don’t like your new purchase you have only 3 days to return it. After that, the only way to get hold of the collaboration is to buy it from resellers on websites like e-Buy. Yes, and that’s another topic to discuss.

Other websites and newspapers say you can make lots of money by reselling things you previously bought. The dress that I bought last year’s Balmain x H&M is still reselling for up to £400 while I bought it for £119. Although, it doesn't work like this with every piece, some of them aren’t very wanted and you wouldn’t be able to sell it even for the same price, so you have to choose carefully if you want to actually earn some money from that. There is always a piece that’s kind of… the gold one; the most wanted one. It’s usually most advertised, for example my dress was highly advertised on Kendall Jenner.

I checked it myself this year. I get hold of the website way easier than last year so I bought more staff just to try to resell it (I knew I could return it if I don’t sell it). Comes out, the e-Buy was full of this collection and the prices were almost the same. I ended up with leaving most of my purchases and returning the rest. I was surprised as newspapers, including DailyMail, Guradian and Mirror were announcing that some or the pieces were sold for even 4 times the price. I guess they didn’t check this properly. It did was sold for those prices before the collection went out in stores, now you wouldn’t make money from this year. 

That’s what lead me to think this collaboration wasn’t as successful, in fact you could see it in stores days after the launching day, which means many people turned it. Why? I just think it wasn’t as impressive… in the era of minimalism, nobody wants to wear colourful animal prints from head to toes. On the other hand, there were some of more basic pieces. Down below, I will show you what I bought.

White T-shirt with Tiger Logo

This is a classic Kenzo T-shirt, although for this collection they went for the full tiger instead of just the face like in standard collections. It costed only £24.99, while the standard collections have them (not the exact ones) for £75-£105. I’m not sure about quality difference as I don’t have the standard collection but it’s 100% cotton and the appliqué looks quite well detailed too. To me, it looks like something with much better quality than usual high street pieces and I’m definitely happy with this one, it’s also very easy to style for every day basic outfit.

Large leather shopper

This one was for £139.99 and it is a full 100% leather bag. I liked it, and I also don’t think it’s a lot for Kenzo leather bag but I bought it mainly to try the reselling experiment, so at the end I just returned it and anyway, it’s still available at online H&M. + I had to get rid of something - I’ve spent almost £700 for all the items and that’s a lot for my pocket.

Cap with a bow

As much as this cap looks so cute on the photos, I looked in it like a total idiot! It just wasn’t me I guess. My mum on the other hand thinks it’s amazing, so I left it for her. It’s £29.99, and is also still available at online H&M.

Frill-collar Sweatshirt

This is also a basic Kenzo logo sweatshirt but with the frill-collar that adds a little of elegance to typical sport piece, which creates great street style that I love. I paid £39.99 for it and I’m also keeping it.

Long Leather Gloves

Those are my mum’s favourites. I love it so much as well, although it not like I’m going to wear for everyday… It would’ve rock a New year outfit but I hadn’t got a chance to wear yet. And so my mum… I’m not sure why she wanted to keep it… (it’s still in a box)

Pile-lined Leather Jacket

And this is my star! I love this jacket! It’d the warmest jacket I have ever had and it’s so nice too. Each time I wear it people are asking me on the streets where did I bought it or how pretty it is. I even got already a couple of offers as they wanted to buy it for me for more that I paid for it. But still… I’m keeping it. The quality is amazing too… really well made good quality leather. Ohh, and that one was for £199.

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