Hi my darlings! How is you week going? Mine is not as good as I thought ;(. I have a holiday and I was waiting for it really long and when it already is I don't even feel more relaxed as I have so much on my head. 
Anyway do you like to take care of your nails? I do, and I think it's very important because it says a lot about yourself, for example how would you feel to shake a hand with someone important that you just met while your nails look like a disaster with scratchy nail polish ( I know it happens sometimes to everyone, just sometimes!). I think it's even important in men as neglected nails can just disgust me sometimes. I mean obviously I don't expect them (but I would recommend it) to do mani/pedi with their girlfriends, sisters or so, just make it clean and neat that's all. 
You probably heard about this big revolution with hybrid nails. You use nail polish some base coat and then make it dry under the lamp for a couple minutes. In results you have a natural but much harder nails with amazing colour that lasts for much longer. I honestly didn't try it. Well, I was thinking to buy it wth my mum but I think it's still kinda damaging your natural nails and I decided not to as I love my natural nails. My nails are one of not many things I really love in myself. I don't even like fake nails. I think, when someone has very bad natural ones then it's good to have something like acrylic or gel nails but I never needed them and I think the very long and colourful ones are just shoddy. My mum use to do nails in Poland a couple years ago and for like a week I was her living advertisement. She made me a beautiful long ones with water inside and it all looked like life under water. That was amazing but I took them off after a week coz it was uncomfortable and as I said feel the best with my own ones.
After the very new innovations, it came to even better revolution as gel nail polish that you don't even need to you lamp to! I said ''I need to try it, it's gonna be cool'' and I did. I've chosen REVLON COLORSTAY ENVY and I gotta say it's great! Firstly, the price, I think it's not that expensive. The single gel nail polish cost around  £7 and you need just it and top coat, which costs the same, so you don't need here another base(which dries out you nails) or lamp, which cost around £40/£50, just the gel nail polish- the one with colour and top coat. I bought mines at BOOTS where you have the offer to buy 3 at the price of 2.™-Longwear-Nail-Enamel_1500755/

That's the link to boots where you can buy it and also read more info like how to use it etc.

So, now let's come back to my actual opinion. I heard it should last for 2 week. It's not. Although, it lasts longer then normal nails polish, I don't have any scratches for about 3/4 days while I can see some from the normal ones even after second day I can see some damages. And I usually used Sally Hansen, not any nail polishes.
Another thing is that it dries so fast! I can't say how long it is exactly but definitely it's quick and I didn't expected coz I was putting two coats and the top coat, which makes it a third coat. The affect gives you a really nice colour as on the pictures that I will show at the end.
It also comes with beautiful colours:

That's my fave one but unfortunately that was the only one in the shop and there is no stick with a colour, I tried to find it online but I'm not sure. Any way It's not a white, it's like very, very light pastel pink, I mean the lightest I have ever seen. And you know, I love white nails but it's difficult to find good white nail polish as most of them doesn't cover the nail properly and you need a couple coats and then it dries ages. It this case I don't have this problem anymore.

''Beginners luck'' No. 030. I'm not a fan of pearl colours, it was actually my mums chose but it's not too bad, I actually have it now and it looks good though, just not my style.

''Black Jack'' No.520. I actually bought it by a mistake. I thought it's top coat, as it looks very similar and I was in run. I like black nails but I prefer is in matt version. 

''Jokers Wild'' No. 640. I'm in love with this colour too. I love pastels on my nails and that's actually all I have to say about it.

In case that's the no. of top coat, so maybe you don't make same mistake as me ;)

BTW. Have already seen the glass nails? I have seen it from Maffashion and it's pretty impressing! 

I'm going to try them on my natural nail and I will of course show you after!


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