In search for Halloween Costume


Hat- BCBG Max Azria
Coat- PBO Original
Shoes- Pollini
Jumper- H Trend (TK MAXX)
Shorts-GL 27 (Second Hand)
Bag- Versace for H&M
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelet- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hi! What were you up to today? I went for shopping! (<3) It was quite small one but took me almost 4 hours. I found nice Cosmopolitan thing. They were giving free this month issue, but anyway I already bought it before. There was also a quick quiz, where I could win a trip, so I did it and I'll get the answer via mail. After the quiz you could get a photo and that's what I get:

Did you already started getting ready for halloween? I went for some search yesterday but I couldn't find nothing in Bullring, like you know there isn't many costume shops? In city centre I found only Blue Banana but there wasn't much, then I went to market but firstly, you can't try it on and secondly, everything looked like poor quality, although it wasn't that expensive. You pay around £20 and then you get £5 back if you give it bak after you use it. Hire is available too. But the best shop I found is Ann Summer! The costumes are from £15 and quality is really good! You also have 28 days to give it back if you don't like it so you can always change your mind. Anyway there was't that much of choice though.

I couldn't decide what I want for a long, I was doing research for a week! I also thought about creating it on my own but my sewing skills are pretty basic (actually I haven't got this skill at all). That that I found in my little research:

I was generally looking for a couple costume to match with my boyfriend and this idea as Groom and Bride will be so cute! I even have a nice, long, white dress and I could just buy some nice veil but unfortunately my mum paid for this dress and she said I can't destroy it and you know... fake blood, making it dirty... It will destroy it for sure.

Then I found this:

I think that one is really nice and I will look really cute as Indian but I couldn't find dress as nice as this one, so I gave up. Ohh, And my boyfriend said he's not going to be a cowboy -,-

And this was fave one for my BF:

I think it's really cool idea, especially Joker! And that one is more for halloween then previous one as you should look kinda creepy on this occasion. I even found exactly the same Harley Quinn costume on eBay but there and only there and I needed to try it one first. I decided to not buy it on eBay coz I could not look that nice in it. However my boyfriend's still thinking about the Joker.

And this about make up:

Lady Gaga from video clip ''born this way''. In my opinion it's amazing, and my mum has talent with thing like that, I think I will get some idea from it.

After all this research I came back to Ann Summer I tried on nurse and dominatrix costume. I found dominatrix looking stunning! You know, my figure isn't perfect but in it I was really good, that's why I decided to buy it. I still have 28 days to give it back but I think I'll use it as catwoman or batwoman. That' how I look:

The quality of photo is terrible so you probably can't see it properly but I will of course write another post after halloween.

I also bought this:

Fake blood, body paints, glowing skeleton, and pumpkin lighting balloons and some fake spiders for scare my mum. Just to make a little bit atmosphere to my room. Everything from poundland so I did't spent much.

Have a spooktacular Halloween chicks! - Glamouristalia

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