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Hi my darlings! What's up today? I decided to show you my collection of sunnies as today was very sunny day, well, maybe is doesn't match that much to the season but whatever, I didn't went to college , so I thought it'd be nice to write something. Well, especially that I spended almost all day with my second boyfriend, which is called Netflix. BTW, I started watching Gossip Girl and look what I found: 

If you're Polish too you probably just fell down and couldn't wake up same as me ;) 

By coming back to our subject, that's the first pair:

Emilio Pucci's which I bought at TK MAXX, like.. wow! I just noticed... like most of my glasses. They're lovely, the design on the sided is so unique and nice. Love them!

The pearl Giorgio Armani's made in Italy. I love when it's written on my staff, I feel like it makes them twice more valuable. 

The red Dolce&Gabbana's are cool too but I don't look so nice with them, usually just wearing them on my head.

Oh, That's one of my fave together with Pucci's. I love the cat shape, I thing it looks so nice! 

Next purple ones, from Christian Lacroix. I don't wear them often because if purple matches to my outfit, I prefer Juicy Couture ones. Although, they're beautiful too.

Black Moschino's with a silver hearts on sides are gorgeous. As, they black, it matches very often and the harts make them very cute.

Victoria's Secret PINK sunnies that I get for free! There was special ofret that if I spend enough money I get them, so of course I did as it's one of my fave shop. I like them because of the mate colour and the fact they also matches to most of my outfits.

There's not much to say about them though. I don;t remember where or when I bought them but I'm sure it was a long time ago. They're not so bad but they non branded shity ones, with no filter and I think accessories like sunglasses should be better then that.

At the end I wanted to show you what's left from the best what was in my collection:

 That was a terrible day. It was my birthday that came to be a total disaster and if not my Bae I'll jump to the canal that I was walking next to. I lost them! I had to go to spa but there was problem with our booking and then I lost my Ray-Ban's! 
Good that my mum does't read my posts coz she'll kill me! (don't tell her if you know her).

That's all for today, see yaaa! xoxo

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