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Hi, today's post is going to be about shopping (because who doesn't like it?). It's not really a usually review. Just a short opinion about a couple shops. I told you long time ago I don't like Primark and I didn't actually explain why, so there is my explanation. 
At first I've just read some reviews about this shop. ''There's always a mess in the shop, they usually doesn't accept the returns, the quality is very poor and the staff is very rude.'' I don't know what about return and staff but I agree with the rest.
That's my staff I bought in Primark:
That's a bra I bought in there. It's nice though. As you can see there a hole. The material is terrible. It's also not comfy. I spent like £6 for it, can't remember exactly. I'm not going to buy there a bra an more. But if we're talking about bras, my fave lingerie shop is Victoria's Secret. I'm not going to show you all my Victoria's Secret staff coz it's a lot but if I buy something in there I'll say more about it and show you all my staff from there, now just campare this bras:

 That's just a couple of the ones I have. What I want to say about it is that I know it's not a cheap shop. You can find there a bras for over £100! I know it's difficult to afford for it, especially if you're student like me. But you can find much cheaper staff in there too. They also often do some special sales and deals. I've got already so many free staff from there. The second bra from the picture costed me just £10 on sale and The one on the front is the most comfortable bra I've ever had. So, why would spend £6 in Primark if you can have much better quality product for £10 and let's face it, VS has the sexiest lingerie in the world.

Not much to say about this. I spent about £10 for this jeans. They use to be usual one but I've made the holes. I can say they nice coz they very thin, almost like leggings. The problem was that I wanted skinny jeans and they were, always for 5 minutes after washing and then they becoming very loose. That's again the poor quality of material. Anyway I can say I'm happy I bought them . I didn't spend a lot for them so I could do something with them without being sared I damage something expensive. So, yes, if you want to make something in your own way I can recommend you to buy it at Primark.

Ok, guys I know most of you love PRIMARK. Why? It's cheap? Stylish? Yes, it is actually, I can't say no. Unfortunately, cheap and stylish doesn't come to the same products. What I mean is that for my Primark has two sector. Really cheap products, which aren't even nice, I can buy some comfy T-shirt to wear it at home for around £4/5 and it's actually all you get for that cheap prices. The second sector is the stylish product. They actually nice but are the prices still that cheap? I think I can buy much better quality staff for the same or a little bit bigger price in other shops, especially in sales and clearances. I have one simple example for you. Do you like fringes? I do and it't ''must have'' this season (but I don't yet).

That's a Primark fringed shoes for £20. They're nice but they aren't cheap. Below, I found very similar ones in TK MAXX, which is my favourite shop. The price is £24.99 discounted from £36.99. You spend £4.99 more and you have much better quality American brand new BEBO shoes. I can guarantee you guys they gonna look much better on you feet too (and there isn't problem with returns, I've check already a couple times).  

I love this shop btw. I can't find better place where I can get such an exclusive brand new product much cheaper. The next thing is that when you buy something, the possibility that someone else's gonna have it is really less. Unless like in Primark, if something is good, everyone have it. How actually TK Maxx do it? You know, that exclusive brands can't sell staff if they aren't funlly good, I mean even some small mark in the production is bad. Also the staff from last season, which wasn't sold. This brands wants to get rid of it, so TK Maxx likely taking it. 
Like on the shoes above, you can save £12. On other products you can save a hundreds! I'm not gonna show all my clothes from there coz I'll have to take of most of my wardrobe and the mess will be terrible but that's one of the best deals I found:

My MARNI coat <3 I though I'd never afford such a thing but I have it! I bought it for about £30/40. I can't say exactly how much would it normal cost but I'm sure more then £200/300. 

Dsquared2 jacket with one sleeve! It's the best quality product I have. It's even written on the label "MADE IN ITALY'' and I can say so, the material and every single detail is just perfect. I spent about £40 for it. I have no idea how much it'd normally cost coz I can't find it in web (it's old collection, bought it about 2 years ago) but I'm sure I saved a lot. Some of the Dsquared2 jackets cost over £1000, that's the other jacket I found in the internet:

This shoes wasn't bought for much less then I'd buy normally. I spent about £60/70, in the shop it'll be about £20/30 more expensive. But the main thing is that I bought them much earlier then they started being trendy and the second reason is that I've never seen similar ones, and it's really, really important for me. 

If we talk about the shoes, have ever bought something in House of Fraser? It's another shop with exclusive brands. Normally, the prices aren't small... well not for my pocket but at the end of season you can find amazing shoes for even 70% less! That's one of the ones I found in there:
Carvela shoes! If you know this brand you know it's not cheap... usually! I spent £35 for them about 1.5 year ago and that;s the price I found now for them :
That's an amazing! Didn't even know I saved that much! 

That's a Steve Madden shoes. Even with this height they've very comfy! I wear them almost every time I go to the club coz I know I can dance with them ( I'm not going to the night club just to look nice ). Again I spent about £25 and that'd the price I found for similar ones form the same collection:
I can't say for sure they're worth the same but at least similar. Even if I saved £25 it's still a lot for me coz then I can buy another pair isn't it?

That's all for today but in a couple days I'll tell you what I bought this month but don't expect a massive shopping coz I left my job when the college started and I'm completely broke! XOXO

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