Halloween 2015 My costume + Best celebrity costumes!


SO, this year I thought about cat women or something like that because of the lather costume that I bought at ANN SUMMER. At the end I became Dark rose. I get this Idea from an amazing makeup artist and that's her:

Her makeups are wicked! You need to check it out!

The make up I've chosen was very difficult and it doesn't look that good on the picture as in real but I'm really proud of it!  And my mum coz she helped me a lot! 

My boyfriend's costume was even better! Actually, it was the best I've ever seen! Even I was scared of him! It was looking so real!

People on the street were still asking us if they can have a picture with us, especially my bf! One of them even sent me the photos!

Well, it also has it's price, my BF couldn't take it of! He said it was really painful! Poor him ;(

And now, let's talk about celebrities! 

1.  Kendal Jenner

That's the best celebrity costume! I love it! It's just amazing. Karl Lagerfeld should be proud of her!

2.  Jennifer Lopez

Beautiful makeup on beautiful face, It has to be perfect!

3. Kylie Jenner

Pinces warrior? Eskimo? I can't even decide which one looks better on her!

4. Ciara and her Boyfriend

I love couple costumes and this one matches perfectly with Ciara!

6. Ariana Grande

She is so cute! Even as a... cow!

That's all... I wanted to do top 10 but nothing else bring my attention , so there you have a top 6!
I also have 2 celebrities that... yes, definitely brought my attention but in opposite way.

Kim Kardashian as.. Kim Kardashian? I think she spends too much time with Kanye. He wears t-shirt featuring a picture of Kanye wearing a t-shirt featuring a picture of Kanye wearing a t-shirt featuring a picture of Kanye and She wears costume of her... No comment.

Miley cyrus was at least funny, but really? Who the hell would let the boyfriend be a fairy and be a tooth at the same time! 

- xoxo Glamouristalia

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