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Hi, guys, how are you today?
I made so many conclusions about my blog. Firstly, I have to say that I’m sorry my post became much less qualitative as well as quantitative. In my couple first posts I had been writing with passion and fun, which so many people actually complemented me and I can even see it myself and trust my guys, it is so rare that I like my own work. With the time I started treating it more like an assignment to college that I just HAVE to do it and obviously it isn’t the point. I started it because it makes me feel good when I write, especially about fashion. It gives me satisfaction. You know, the college started and it’s not that easy on level 3 with my English, it is also so much homework and assignments to do. I also do GCSE with it, which is another eight hours weekly. It’s not like I’ve never worked hard before but I just have forgotten how exhausting it can be sometimes. The weather’s also not helping to with making photographs, I have many more difficulties recently but let’s stop my teenage drama talking.
After all this thinking I decided to spent more time for my blog as I am so proud of me when I see lots of viewers and recently I even get some comments. I write it for myself but obviously I’m, so glad that someone actually read it and like it.
In first post I shortly wrote what can you expect in here but I’m still finding myself as a blogger and I need some time to figure out what is going to be here exactly. I’m trying new things, like some beauty tips, news in fashion world… I will definitely stick to outfits but with the time I will add some more thing(maybe). I thought about something like hairstyles and hair care as so many people asks me about it, so I guess it could be interesting. Ohh, and if you have any idea what would you like to see then write to me in e-mail or just in comment. I will be so glad if you do.
I told you I will do a monthly shopping haul but it wasn’t good idea. I already forgotten what I bought last month! And even more the prices of it.I will just tell you after every shopping about it and this way it will be easier or me and much more precisely written.

Let’s come back to the outfit this post was going to be about. At first I want to thank my boyfriend to be with me and support me with this whole blogging. Sometimes his got enough of me with this all photographs he has to do to me(yes, he is the author of almost every shoot you can see in this blog), and waiting for me as my outfit if cool enough to go out. He’s so supportive even through all of it.

Last weekend we went for a small walk around city centre, new gallery and of course Star Bucks, because who doesn’t like Star Bucks Coffee! There isn’t much to say about the outfit, quite a street style one. As I said the weather recently is terrible so I wore my Hunter’s i case there is going to be rain again. I think every girl who lives in the UK and love fashion should have at least one hunters! I matched it with grey thighs, white top and grey dress on it. You know I didn’t manage to take picture of it but the dress in the back is cited off and I wore it to the white Cavalli’s top with strips on the back (you can see it in SEPTEMBER SHOPPING post) and it was looking pretty good. On it I chose lime oversized coat and yellow-green-black bag. You heard about this new trend of matching your bag with a coat? I kind of did, didn’t I?
- Glamouristalia xoxo

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