Coffee Date


Dress- DIESEL   |   Coat- GAP   |   Bag- Chloe   |   Thighs-H&M   |   Shoes- Pollini

On my last date I wore a khaki DIESEL dress with blacks and greys. At the end I also added a red bag to make it a little bit more exciting. At first I wanted to wear a quite romantic outfit but then I looked out from the window. Rain. Still. You know, the weather like this makes mi wear more cozy and rather dark colours. So, I had tried to mix it. Romantic and also Cozy with dark colours... I thought, dress- yes. Mini dress with dark colour and black thighs will be a little bit romantic, maybe not exactly in khaki but that's the dark/cozy part. And that was a first step go mixing. I knew it's cold outside, so I chose a grey coat, it's very worm but then I felt like it doesn't feel romantic... So, I put n heels and red bag... It all looked kind of like I wanted. At the end I styled my hair in braid on the side, which was very nice and also trendy, in this season braids are NO.1.


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