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Hi guys!

As many of you saw, I wasn't writing for quite a long time. I won't be boring you with excuses and explanations but the most important part is that I'm back! And hopefully there won't be anymore breaks like that... 
Btw, I was very positively surprised that I had many views even at the time I wan't posting (I was expecting none). It means that there are people who actually are interested to see something new in my blog, thanks for that... you can't imagine how glad I am... anyway, there is it! My new outfit that I wore last weekend.

You know this English weather... the rains braided together with sunshines at the same time...   but everything has it's perks, at least there was a beautiful rainbow! 🌈🌈

Although, that's the only one perk I can find... if it comes to the perfect outfits it's a little more annoying. I mean, how can I find the right clothing if the weather changes every 5 minutes?

This time I decided for a denim strapless dress, which is kind of staple- good for every single season and matches with basically everything. I think it's very useful piece, got main from vintage shop with great quality denim and really cheap price but this season you can get one in almost every single high street store. I matched it with this genius pastel pink, floral coat, which created a little more extra feminine look and by the way it's an ideal lightweight layer for a cooler summer evenings, which here are rather too often! The Love Moschino cross-body ivory bag is one of my newer acquisitions, another really useful and handy(literally) staple that I wear almost everyday since I bought it. The shoes in neutral khaki colour... well I just love them, won't say anything about them as I described how great they are a couple times already 💞

Get The Look

Dress GUESS (similar)
Bag Moschino (unavailable)
Shoes Marks&Spencer (unavailable)
Watch Michael Kors
Lipstick Bourgeois
Gel Nail Polish Indigo

- Glamouristalia xoxo

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