Silk pink coat Antonio Marras

There you go guys, next outfit from the last shopping!

Today's post is a little bit different. In that one I am a real prove that doesn't matter how great the outfit is, it doesn't present well if it isn't properly matched with your figure. All of us have a different one, and every kind of curves can be beautiful if you show it in the right way.
I firstly matched all the items together and put it on my bed. Everything looked pretty much fine. When I wore it on myself I could already see what's wrong. I thought "No way I'm going to show that outfit on the blog" but then I analysed the facts. We are not all perfect and sometimes we are making wrong decisions wether it's about outfit or something much more important but all that matters is to learn from it.
The first mistake I've done was that I emphasised my arms with tight top, while my upper body parts are much worse then my legs or hips that I covered under the wrapped loose skirt.
The big arms of mine looked hideous, especially with curly hair that made them optically bigger. I thought covering it with the coat will be quite helpful. Well, it wasn't much of a help with the big 3/4 oversized sleeves with expanded ends, it made it optically big too. The length was wrong too, If I had chosen something with length of a skirt it may bring more attention to legs instead my hideous arms.
Fortunately, I wore lace up court heels, which made it at leat a little bit smoother and delicate.
Maybe, that's not a post people usually expect from bloggers, I mean they usually say how great their outfits are but I think critical opinion about yourself make you learn a lot, for example distance to our own-selves as well as opens new perspectives.

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