Ehh... long time no see... I won't even bore you with the explanations. Firstly I wanted to thank everyone who reads my posts. I really appreciate every single reader, you don't even know how good it feels when someone says: '' Ohh, I read your blog yesterday, it was pretty good!" I've been always saying I'm blogging for myself but knowing there are people who understand me and think the same way I do... Anyway thank you so much for appreciation xx

PUMA X SWASH TECH TRACK JACKET         £50 instead of £94                                    
River Island Khaki wrap mini skirt   £12 instead of £28                                    
M&S Lace Up Khaki Court Shoes  £49.50                                    
Forever 21 Black Lace-Up Bodysuit  £13                                    
M&S Thermal Long Sleeve Tops  £15 each                                    
M&S Black Thermal Opaque Tights   £9.50 each                                    
M&S Hi Heels Matt Hold-Ups  £7 (Sold Out)                                   

This month's haul is pretty small in fact, most of the things I got for free.

Let's start from the jacket I've forgotten about, that's why I had to download the pic from Puma website. It's from Puma collaboration with Swash London. I bought it in Manchester at TK Maxx for £50 while you can get it at Puma website for £94, which you can see in here 
The jacket's looking really nice, perfect for the season with this floral prints. It's also really warm, although it's very light and thin, which works perfect for me in spring... you know it's still not too warm and you don't wanna look like you didn't change from the winter section of your wardrobe.

The second thing is a khaki skirt that I bought in Manchester as well but this time at River Island, where you could find a huge discounts. The skirt was previously for £28 while I bought it for £12! Well, at least that's what on the label was written as I just found it on official River Island website page for £30...
Now, let's start from the fact the colour is khaki and I don't know what happened with my photography skills while I were shooting that. The proper colour is here:
It's quite nice and trendy wrap skirt made from woven, which firstly I just loved... but when I get home it reminded me that is totally wrong to my figure... Anyway I still think it's so nice, just not on me ;) I'll try to style it properly then I will let you decide if it's hot or not.

That's Autograph for Marks&Spencer suede stiletto high heels in the same khaki colour as the skirt before. This court shoes contain special Insolia® thing, which make them so comfortable. The inside is made from real lather and the outside from real suede. I was able to walk with them for a couple good hours on shopping and I survived, so this thing really works, you can read more about it in the website where of course, you can also buy them:
This item wasn't discounted but I think It's not a lot for this quality shoes.

Another Lace-Up item, this time it's black sleeveless bodysuit from Forever 21 for £13 available in black, white and red on the official website:
It has this lace-up neckline, which you can see almost everywhere now, that's unusual for me to like something that common. I don't like to look like ever third girl on the street but I couldn't help myself this time. It's so nice! It also makes my figure look great, I like it the most without nothing else like on the picture above ;) but when I match it properly it doesn't even look that common.

Okay, so that's where the free staff start. Those are thermal long sleeve tops in beige and floral print from Marks&Spencer available for £15 each in other colours too on the official website:
It's extremely lightweight, soft and cozy. It was designed specially for chilly weather perfect for layering or just on it's own and really works even for me where I always feel cold. 

So black tights? Definitely must-have in every wardrobe. This ones are made from a special blend of fibres to keep your warm. What I like about them, they have a perfect thick material. It's not uncomfortably thick and it's not too thin to torn either. Available for £9.50 each at:

This great hold-ups are from Marks and Spencer for £7. The Hi Heel technology they used is co clever! The title pads on the bottom relive any pain on the ball of the foot. It also has some ''revolutionary cooling finish''. I had no idea something like this even exists before. Unfortunately, I got the bridal ones... but well... only the ends are white, so I think they will still be useful for me. It's no longer available at M&S but you can buy other tights with this technology in there:

That's the last thing I got this month. It's Autograph's illuminating highlighter from M&S for £9.50/5g in a stick available in pearl and rose shine online at M&S:
It says it's for cheeks but I use it also on forehead and brow bone and I'm totally happy with the product. It contains some reflecting pearls and makes my face looking fresh and rested well. I can definitely recommend this one unless you have very oily skin, if then you will only hurt yourself by that one.

Thanks for checking in! Don't forget to come and see my new outfit post in a couple days!
- Glamouristalia xoxo

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