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Yeah, that's my Valentine's Day post. I obviously found the way to make it about fashion and wear something nice, which I will tell you in a bit but first I'd love to thank my boyfriend for the best Valentine's Day surprise I've ever had. It's not difficult to go and buy something nice in the shop, especially for a girl. I always appreciate effort much more and that's what my boyfriend knew. When I came in to my room, I've seen this! It was like a scene the movie, and in real it looked even better then on the pictures. There was a thousands of candles, rose petals and balloons all over the floor and roof too! 

Another subject, I'd like to touch is that I've seen a couple horrible opinions in social media where people were saying that girls who adds a pictures of roses or other surprises are very shallow etc. some of the opinion were saying like what for to celebrate this day if you supposed to show your love for all the year. From my perspective it's like this: Why do you eat pancakes in pancakes day if you can eat it on any other day? With Valentine's Day it's quite similar. You celebrate love with your second half and rose, or even other gifts is a beautiful tradition as well as sign of the love. This celebrating gives you an opportunity to stop for a second and enjoy this quality person that you love so much. Obviously, gifts aren't the most important, as I said it's only beautiful tradition, the most important is to show the love, remind to each other good and bad times that you came thought together and how much the other person means to you.

Okay, let's go to the outfit part!

Asymmetrical Dress - Charity Shop £10
Panther Platform Shoes - Steve Madden £30

The outfit didn't have and details but the proper outfit with the dress will be available at the of this week. Anyway, isn't this dress amazing? I love it a lot. Very elegant and sexy at the same time. Platforms add a little wildness to it, which looks even sexier. For the full outfit I will probably add some red little accessories and gold/rose gold jewelry.  Plus some more romantic hairdo like this hit of the season:

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day! I'm running to enjoy my week with no college!
- Glamouristalia xoxo

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