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A bedroom? For me it's much more. It supposes to be your oasis; the place that you always want to come back. The place that will make you feel secure but also will inspire you to make decisions, fulfil  plans or like me now, writing. 

I personally always felt the best in my bedroom but I recently moved over to horribly small room. I love space and it's just taken away from me. I'm kind of minimalistic person if it comes to architecture and interior designs, which means the less the better. It obviously isn't easy when you have a small room. Well, I can't exactly move over buy at least there are some parts that I can change to make it better. 
The walls

I've just come to this conclusion that white is always good, while it may not be practical in every way. Anyway, I love everything what's white. At this point, white goes good with making optical space in your room. I'd choose plain white or some extremely light shades of warm colours. Unfortunately, I have awful wallpaper on two of my walls and I have to cover it by something... that doesn't hurt my eyes that much! And about your eyes? If you appreciate them, I don't recommend small or colourful print cuz it won't end good for them. 3D wallpaper aren't good for them either. I know they're so nice but if you don't have much of a space you should give up. I've chosen two of the best wallpapers that I found, take a look below.

Dressing table

That's a part of a room that every women needs in a daily getting-ready routine isn't it? I've been dreaming about one for a long time. You know, the place that makes you feel like a princess in your own palace. It's also practical. If you choose right dressing room, with places to store your cosmetics,  your room will become cleaner and more organised, which will also make your preparation much quicker. I myself more of a modern princess that really loves this styles:

Unfortunately, for some of their costs, I could easily buy a car. That's why I'm going to have to be satisfied with some of those ones:

I'm still searching for the perfect one, I will show you when I find one.


The ceiling light should be light, white the best, and simple. I've chosen some of the modern looks that you can buy for around £50(more or less).
There are also floor lamps that's very useful in the evenings. Now, we've got the tripod lamps very trendy and I have to say I admire them a lot. The prices are diverse:

Use as much light as possible, so your bedroom will make you in a positive mood. You can use it as a  decoration like this:

I will definitely use the first one, I love it so badly!

Other tips?

Complete of furnitures work the best but at least try to use same colour.

 The bedding is important too. It depends from the decorations and colour that you prefer. It can give your room the taste and your own unique style that you have.

Show me your bedroom and I will tell you who you are. 
The decorations are the funniest part. You can put your personality, interests or hobbies in it. For example some quotes that are full of meaning for you in the wall?
I however decided to get the Prada's sign from Gossip Girl.


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