DUNE Miss KG Ted Baker Boots Aroma Defuser FEBRUARY SHOPPING HAUL


TRISH DUNE Shinny Gold Boots £40 instead of £149 at House of Fraser

Lisa Miss KG Nude Flat Low Top Trainers £55 at Kurt Geiger

Floral Satin Ted Baker Vanity Case £3.50 instead of approx. £30 at Solihull Charity Shop

Purple & Gold Boots Vanity Case £3.50 instead of approx. £15 at Solihull Charity Shop

Aria Aroma Diffuser by madebyzen £54.99 at madebyzen

Citrus Aromatic Oil by madebyzen £6.99 at madebyzen

TRISH DUNE Shinny Gold Boots

As usually, now, you can buy many nice boots from the last season that you like so much. I tried this one when it was for a full price, so after this huge discount I couldn't say no to them. The boots suit well for fall/spring season cuz they're made from light material. They stretchy, which make them easier to wear and comfy, although they don't slide down. The shiny, gold front will make many of my casual outfits more fancy and less boring.

 Lisa  Miss KG Nude Flat Low Top Trainers

This trainers are one of the cutest I've seen! They look so stylish and are great for spring. Matches with literally everything! I bought them with the thought that they're gonna be the practical cute shoes for everyday college and other casual places but unfortunately, they killed my feet! They one of the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever had! I understand a painful, beautiful, high heels to make me feel miserable, okay I get that but trainers? Came on, it's main purpose is to be comfortable.
Well, I'm still not going to give up on them, maybe my feet will get to use to it but first I will give them at least a week of break.

Floral Satin Ted Baker Vanity Case

Purple & Gold Boots Vanity Case

This is a very practical thing that I'm so glad I found it for that cheap. You know, keeping all of your cosmetics nice and well organised can be struggle. The vanity boxes are great to store them and decorate your room (or bathroom) at the same time. It's also amazing for any kinds of trips or holidays to pack your favourites safely.

Aria Aroma Diffuser + Citrus Aromatic Oil by madebyzen  

That's my early gift for my mum for mother's day. I knew she always liked it and when we came past the shop with it at Solihull shopping centre I was like 'yeah, let's go for it mum, you always wanted it!'. We both are actually very happy about it. It's very stylish, and the oil aromas? In 10 minutes your room smells like in massage salon, while you need just a couple drops, so it's gonna last like forever. I think that's pretty good idea for the occasion too.

Have a great weekend guys!
- Glamouristalia xoxo

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