CANON EOS 700D Camera Review


CANON EOS 700D DSLR Camera with 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens 

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I think it's too late to talk about Boxing Day hmm? Yeah, I guess so. Anyway it's not going to stop me from at least one short post. You see the picture above? Ohh, that's my new baby, just after MacBook! I bought it together with my boyfriend on Boxing Day and I fell in love with it since the first sight. 

To be honest, it wasn't on a big sale, but Canon was giving £100 cash back, I don't think it was only for a Boxing Day but just general marketing trick. So, it was just £358 (£458 before cash back). If you're thinking about buying a DSLR camera and not going bankrupt at the same time, you should definitely take look at this one. The price, well, for me- a person who works only once a week, it was a lot but generally it's affordable comparing to the other cameras in the DSLR market. On the top you have a link to Currys website where I bought it and where you can find some more info.

I have to say that I'm not an expert but in scale 1-10, I'm completely satisfied from the quality of the camera as well as the photos. The photographs look amazing, it really is incredible. I will show you how amazing photographs it takes as soon as it get a littlest warmer outside and I will finally be able to do some photo shot.

The Use
The use? It's simple for me but I already learn photography for the second year at college, so I get to use to it. My mum however can't get it at all. In my opinion it isn't difficult, obviously you have to spend some time with it and just work it out. The package includes some additional helps too.

What's included

I have no idea why I didn't included it on the picture but you get 3 CD's:
-EOS ADVENTURE Portrait & Landscape Photography
- EOS Software Instruction Manuals
-EOS Solution
To be honest I have no idea what exactly is on them as I didn't get a chance to watch it but I'm sure it will help to get better understanding of the device, especially the first one.
The kit obviously includes everything else that you need to use it (excluding memory card) like battery charger, usb, instruction etc.

Need some more help or info?
If you want some tips about taking photos or just some information I've forgotten to include, tell me! If you haven't find my email yet, there is it: GLAMOURISTALIA@GMAIL.COM or comment below. I hope it was at least a littlest helpful! Have a great day!

-Glamouristalia xoxo

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