New Year Eve


Hi guys, how are you? Well, probably not good as it's a first Monday after our Christmas break. Fortunately, I start college tomorrow, so I got same time to write this post and do the rest of my assignments. I had plans to finally write more posts while my break and again I could' manage with time.  I haven't even show you my boxing day shopping and I'e got one more review to share with you! Anyway, I'll do it somehow.
Let's talk about New Year Eve! I hope yours were great and I'll be glad to hear it from you so, you know, when you scroll down to the almost end of the page , you will see a blank box, where you can write a comment! I'm just explaining coz I'm not sure if you know it according to the amount of my comments.
Okay, anyway, my New Year was just great! I really haven't expected it as I spent it at work! Second time in a row! Last year I was working in the bar ( first time in my life as my manager asked my if I can do bar while I was a glass collector). It was nice, I liked it but still, it was stressful(imagine to prepare drinks for a hundreds of party people while you're not even sure about names of the alcohols). After work, which was after 4 am we went for a small house party with 4 of my friends that have been working with me and honestly I was really tired and just waited till we go home finally. I expected same thing in this year but in my surprise it was, so good! I recently made many friends at work and I had so much fan. I also could drink for a little bit, so I got a little bit tipsy but in very good way. It made me a little bit more confident and that helped me with talking to guests, whose were really nice and friendly!
Although, I also had this amazing dress! So many people told me compliments about it and you know, what makes a women in a good mood if not compliments!
That's Balmain x H&M, which I bought online from H&M for £119 (I think). It's still good coz now you can only buy it from someone else and I had seen it on eBay for up to £350! I'm thinking about sell it too as I'm not sure I'm gonna get a chance to wear it again.
The dress isn't very comfy as it's not stretchy at all but if you choose the size properly it's just fine. Although the length is perfect, long enough too feel secure and short enough too look sexy. The big V-neck is so nice and well cut, so I didn't have to stress if something's gonna jump out of it ;)
I'm very glad I bought it and I recommend it to everyone who likes quality,  good brand clothes.
I matched with Pucci bag and black lather boots that were really comfy.

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