Warm in Style


Jacket    Gap
Sweatshirt     Maison Margiela
Jeans    H&M
Boots     YOKI
Bag     Zandra Rhodes

Hi there! I usually write some of my recent thoughts or experiences in here but since I don't have anything positive to share right now, I will just get straight to the outfit. 
Basically, I'm so in love with this winter's trend of down jackets, and actually all the jackets just THE BIGGER THE BETTER. You can also wear them off the shoulder and you look like straight from the catwalk. Anyway, my reason to love it is that I usually have to chose in winter between being fashionable frozen or a warm mountain of layers. This year we have extremely warm jackets + this over the knee boots that really keeps you warm in style.

For this outfit I wore a sweatshirt with a ribbon on the waist, which is my recent favourite purchase. The'80's inspired silhouettes and masculine tailoring looks great with skinny grey pants that brings out a little bit of shape in neutral colours. Than, I nailed it with the big pink jacket. At the end I just put on the black boots, matching bag and vuala - the outfit's ready. Easy, comfy and warm.

By the way I bought his sweatshirt for £50 in TK Maxx a couple weeks ago and now I just found it online for $118 discounted from $295, so said that before but if you want to buy designer clothes and have a budget of a student, TK Maxx is the place for you. 

Get The Look

Pink North Face Jacket    £77.52  at    www.barrabes.co.uk
Boy London Sweatshirt    £95.00 at    www.selfridges.com
Grey Skinny Jeans    £36.00 at     www.topshop.com
Crystal Choker Necklace   £16.00 at    www.debenhams.com
Black Over The Knee Boots   £75.00 at     www.riverisland.com
Black and Rose Gold Crossbody Bag   £22.00 at     www.asos.com

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