Something For Colder Days


Can you imagine some people like raining? I don't think of one single reason why would anybody like it... Well, I guess some individuals are more extraordinary then the others, which of course is fine by me. I'm not judging, just trying to understand, if any of you like raining please let me know why x

Today's outfit is pretty easy and comfy, because who wouldn't appreciate a warm, cozy sweater and the loose pants? The cross body bag is also a very handy thing. In a cloudy, gloomily and rainy atmosphere most people wear grey and black depressing clothes, why not add at least a little bit of brightness to our outfits, since we can't do anything about the weather! Especially, if you can still stay warm and comfy I can't see why not!
You can get similar outfit on the bottom of the post if you're interested to look a little bit brighter then the English Weather, like I did!

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