Carvela Kestral High Heel Court Shoes


Have ever thought about buying the pointed shoes? Or, maybe you already have one? I actually decided to buy my first ones last week. I always liked them though. I mean they look so classy and elegant but the such a narrow heels were always scare me off. I felt much more confident buying wedges or at least the stable heavy heels. Although, last Monday, which was a Cyber Monday, I found an amazing sale in one of my favourite shops called House of Fraser. There was a 20% off for almost everything, even for the items with already reduced price.

As a hostess I need to be able to stand(run for most of the time) on high heels all night long, that’s why choosing the right shoes is very important. I went to House of Fraser just to look for some shoes and hopefully get some idea. I’ve seen this one and I decided to try them on to see if they’re actually comfy as I’ve never try pointed heels before. In my surprise it was comfortable… well… for a 5 minutes in the shop. Anyway I bought them for £39.99 while the first price of the shoes was £110. That’s good, isn’t it? That’s why I love House of Fraser, I can always find something cool in a good price. They obviously don’t reduce price of the newest collection but if you satisfied with a high quality, well-known-designer’s shoes from last season it’s something for you! You can still find it on House of Fraser for £45 (I had some extra pounds off because of Black Friday week).

I decided to wear it with a casual, black jumpsuit at first but I poured out a wax from the candle all over it (yes, clumsy me). That’s why I decided to show you the outfit with a black dress instead of black jumpsuit. I matched it with black, lace cape and red bag. I have to wear all black to the work, so the shoes are the best match I could get, especially that I’m the youngest the all the hostess it there, so I wont to look a little more mature that I am. So, as I said in the beginning the shoes looks so classy and elegant, even more with whole black outfit. If you look for something like that you should definitely visit House of Fraser and get them for you. If you’re not a fan of red pointed shoes you can find there many other colours, for example I’ve also seen there super cute beige ones but I already have 2 pairs of beige wedges, so I went for red. Ohh, and what about the comfort? They aren’t as good as wedges but I wore them for 5/6h and if I could it’s not that bad. They have specific shape and your feet, as well as you just have to get to use to them.


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